PIPL is the easiest way to get contact, work & social information about people

Pipl is a people search data company that makes it easy for anyone to get contact, social, demographic and professional information about people.

At Pipl’s core is its proprietary identity resolution search engine which combines over 40 billion records from millions of online, offline and paid sources, creating a dynamic and searchable index of people profiles where information can be found using data-points like social handles, email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Pipl’s people-data enables its business customers to offer a variety of use cases ranging from contact enrichment for CRM marketers, through compliance and identity verification for e-commerce customers, background checks for government and homeland security analysts, to the needs of curious consumers who would like to check on their new neighbors or dating prospects.

Quick Facts

  • Founded 2005
  • Partnered Dec 2017
  • Industry Data
  • Domain Search
  • CEO Matthew Hertz
  • HQ In Spokane, WA US

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