The most advanced and most trusted Digital Intelligence solution on the planet

Cellebrite’s solutions are deployed globally and serve, mainly, law enforcement agencies (federal, state and local). Its offering is typically used by investigators, forensic examiners, detectives and prosecutors to carry the full cycle of their investigation process with respect to digital devices they lawfully seize as part of their ongoing fight against crime. Cellebrite allows such practitioners to gain access to digital devices, to extract and capture various data items recorded in the devices, to organize and analyze the data effectively and to accelerate the investigation process.

Quick Facts

  • Founded 1999
  • Partnered July 2019
  • Industry Digital Intelligence
  • CEO Yossi Carmil, Ron Serber
  • HQ In Petach Tiqwa, Israel

Cellebrite Acquires BlackBag Technologies and solidifies its position as the global leader in Integrated Digital Intelligence Solutions

The acquisition adds a key building block to Cellebrite's portfolio and sets another milestone in its strategic expansion as...
January 14, 2020

IGP (Israel Growth Partners) Together With Its Major LPs Invest $110M in Cellebrite

Mobile data and entertainment company Sun Corporation has sold a 25% stake in its Israel-based mobile forensics subsidiary Cellebrite...
June 17, 2019